Terms and Conditions

This Agreement governs the use of the AIwriter subscription software (the “Service”) provided by AIwriter (“the Company”), a Finnish company based in Helsinki. By using the Service, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Use of the Service

You must use the Service in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules. You must not use the Service to:

  • a. upload or distribute any content that is illegal, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable;
  • b. infringe on any third party’s intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, or patent rights;
  • c. gain unauthorized access to the Service or any other user’s account;
  • d. interfere with the proper functioning of the Service or disrupt any network or server connected to the Service.

The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Service if you violate these terms and conditions.

Data Privacy and Security

The Company collects, stores, and processes user data in accordance with its privacy policy. By using the Service, you consent to the Company’s collection, storage, and processing of your personal information.

The Company takes reasonable measures to ensure the security of its systems and user data. However, the Company cannot guarantee the security of user data and is not liable for any unauthorized access or data breaches.

Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy

The Service is available to users on an annual or monthly subscription basis, depending on the plan chosen. Payment for the Service is processed through PayPal.

The Company reserves the right to change the subscription fees at any time. The Company will notify users of any fee changes at least 30 days in advance.

You may cancel your subscription to the Service at any time. However, the Company does not provide refunds for any unused portion of the subscription.

Intellectual Property

The Service and all content included in the Service, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, and software, are owned by Wolf Team, a marketing agency in Helsinki, and are protected by Finnish and international copyright, trademark, and patent laws.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, or otherwise exploit any content included in the Service without the prior written consent of Wolf Team.

Limitation of Liability

The Company is not liable for any damages arising from the use of the Service, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages.

The Company is not liable for any damages arising from the use of third-party software or services in conjunction with the Service.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Finland, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in Helsinki, Finland, in accordance with the rules of the Finnish Arbitration Association.